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SVfastads is a product of PureRED™ Intergrated Marketing.

PureRED™ Integrated Marketing creates, manages, and executes content consistently across all channels. With nearly 50 years of Retail experience, we help our clients grow top-line revenue while managing bottom-line costs.

Our wide range of advertising services include: Print, Digital, Branding, Studio (Photography & Video), Execution and Consulting.

PureRED’s national presence spans across 8 Offices in Atlanta (2), Charlotte, Dallas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. We also have on-site representation in New York, Chicago, Nashville, and New Jersey.

Our extensive experience and strategic locations position us to exceed our clients’ expectations as experts in retail marketing.

It is free to sign up for

Once you have established an account, you may begin creating ads.
When you are finished creating an ad, have previewed it and have clicked “Purchase,” only then will you be charged.

The price per ad is only $30.

Once you have purchased the ad, it is yours to print as many times as you’d like.
If you are a SUPERVALU retailer,and do not have an account,please select CLICK HERE link on the public home to begin the account registration process.
It is free to sign up for you have established an account, you may begin creating ads. When you are finished creating ads,have previewed it, and clicked "Purchase", only then will you be billed by SUPERVALU.
The price per flyer, Sign or Poster is only $30.00
Once you have purchased the ad, it is yours to print as
The whole process of creating a new ad should take between 10 and 30 minutes. The more products per ad, the longer it will take to create.
Yes. After you have downloaded your flyer, you can print as many copies as needed, either from your own printer or at a local print center.
Any laser or inkjet printer that is able to accept PDF files.
A fast Cable Modem or DSL are recommended when using is compatiable with the following Internet browsers:

Windows 7/8:
  • 1. Internet Explorer 8.0 & above
  • 2. Firefox 28.0 & above
  • 3. Google Chrome 34.0 & above

  • Mac OS X:
  • 1. Safari 6.1.3 & above
  • 2. Firefox 28.0 & above
  • 3. Google Chrome 34.0 & above
Most users will not need to install any software.
However, in order to view the final version of your flyer in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Readed. Newer computers and newer versions of web browsers come with the Reader already installed as a plug-in (a small helping program) for your web browser. If you do not have the Readed at all, or if you have a version EARLIER than 10.1.9 you need to download the latest version of the Acrobat website. While the FULL Adobe Acrobat program is costly, the Acrobat Reader is free of charge and can be easily downloaded. It is important to download the version of Adobe Acrobat that matches your operating system.You will find this free program along with installation instructions at
Newer browsers should automatically recognize a link to a PDF so that when you click on it, the Adobe Reader automatically opens the file for you. The browser will open the PDF file within the browser window itself, allowing you to print directly without downloading. You can also save the PDF to your hard drive.
Yes. Each design has different item-counts in various layouts
Yes. There are hundreds of different designs ranging from holiday to season or department.
Once you have logged in, click on "Browse Products" to search our entire database of products before you begin to create your flyer to ad. If a product is not in the database click "Add Custom Product" and you can create a product with or without an image.
If you leave your computer in the middle of creating an ad, after 30 minutes of idle time, your session will time out and you will be asked to login again. The ad you were working on will be saved in your My Flyer, My Sign or My Poster list. The informaton will be saved as far as the last step you have completed.
Yes. Once you have completed a step and selected "Continue" your work will automatically be saved. If you close and want to return to the ad you were working on, you must login again and click on "My Flyer", "My Signs" or "My Posters" at the top of the page. You should then see a list of your existing ads and can find the ad you want to continue building.
Once you have created and purchased your ad, you must download it onto your computer (it will be a PDF file). From there you can burn the PDF to a CD or email it to your local printer.
In Step 4 for Flyer and Step 3 for Shelf Signs and Posters you will key in the price for each product. Make sure to place a $ or (¢) if you would like to display this symbol with your price. The (¢) symbol can be copied and pasted next to your price. See help text on this step to copy the cent (¢) symbol. You may also select the BOGO check box to place BUY ONE GET ONE FREE art.
If you can't find a template design that you like you can order a custom template design just for your store. Simply select the "Can't find the design you like" link and enter your template request. The support team will contact you within 24 hours. Custom templates can be any size you would like and cost $100.
To order a custom image ( footer or imprint) simply select the Click Here link on Step 2 when you are building a Flyer. The support team will contact you within 24 hours. You will be asked for a store logo and the information that you would like to see on your footer. Custom Images cost $40 and can be purchased at the same time with the AD.